There’s No Other Contractor Quite Like Custom Outdoor Living

There’s No Other Contractor Quite Like Custom Outdoor Living

A kitchen with an oven and television on the wall.

A living room with couches and chairs in it

Featured Custom Media Wall With Stacked Stone Finish, Custom Outdoor Fireplace, and Recessed Flat Screen TV

Lately, you’ve been considering or maybe even daydreaming about building an outdoor living environment for your backyard. There’s only one contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada, that can deliver a superior quality custom outdoor kitchen that not only looks spectacular but blends perfectly with the aesthetic features of your home. That company is Custom Outdoor Living. With decades of contracting experience and expertise, we design and construct beautiful custom outdoor kitchens, patio covers, outdoor media walls, custom fire features, water features, and a whole spectrum of outdoor living products. When you think outdoor living, think Custom Outdoor Living of Southern Nevada.

Call us crazy, but we want your outdoor kitchen that we build to be an investment in your home, not lawn furniture. That’s why we’re a licensed and bonded contractor.

We’re a Professional Grill and Outdoor Kitchen Component Dealer Too!

Along with building amazing outdoor kitchens and other outdoor living products, we also are an authorized dealer of some of the hottest brands within the outdoor living industry. From Hestan Outdoor, Coyote Outdoor Living, Fire Magic, Summerset Grills, and many more. We’re your one-stop-contractor in town—no need to use multiple contractors, no need to purchase your grill & components somewhere else. We provide you with a stress-free process, unlike anyone else in town.

A grill that is sitting on top of a table.

Coyote Outdoor Living 28 Inch Built-in Pellet Grill

We Are Legitimate Contractors that Specialize in Outdoor Living

We’re not the “Big Box” barbecue grill store, either. Custom Outdoor Living is a licensed and bonded contractor. Unlike most of the barbecue stores in town, we design, pull the permits and construct your outdoor living space the old fashioned way, the legal way. Call us crazy, but we want your outdoor kitchen and the rest of your outdoor living space to be considered an investment in your home.

But hey, who are we to tell you not to spend a substantial amount of your hard-earned money on lawn furniture. Because when you purchase from one of the local non-contractor stores around town, that outdoor kitchen you bought is considered lawn furniture. You might be asking what did I mean by that? Something about lawn furniture? Well, when it comes to spending that hard-earned cash that you have, make sure to hire a licensed contractor, then you’ll be able to attach it to a foundation. The last thing we want to see is your outdoor kitchen getting carried away by the wind. All jokes aside, though, it won’t be carried away by the wind. It isn’t a legal addition to your home, though. Understanding that fact alone should make you consider how you’re spending your money. At Custom Outdoor Living, we ensure that your addition is not only an investment, but it’s safe and a legal addition to your home.

A bar with chairs and a television on the wall.

The Ultimate Stay-cation Destination located right in your backyard

Custom Outdoor Living – We Like to Do Things Properly

When it concerns the outdoor living environments we design and construct here at Custom Outdoor Living, we will always do it properly! We understand that cutting corners usually leads to having to do something twice. We’re just not that type of contractor; we are in business to make breathtaking custom outdoor living spaces. We know that to keep doing that, we must make money on the work we do. You can rest assured that we take pride in what we do, and we love doing it. That’s why if you want to realize your dream outdoor kitchen & outdoor living space, we recommend a quick call to Custom Outdoor Living. We’ll schedule you in for an on-site (at your home) consultation. You can call us at (702) 614-7650.

You can also contact us via the form below for more information about how we can transform your ordinary backyard into an extraordinary outdoor living environment that you and your family will enjoy and use for many years to come.

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