Linear Island Layout Configuration

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Schedule On-Site Outdoor Living Design Consultation

Welcome to Custom Outdoor Living

Welcome to Custom Outdoor Living! We're a local Las Vegas-based outdoor kitchen & outdoor living space design company. From custom barbecue islands to professional barbecue grills, we're an authority when it comes to designing and constructing the ultimate outdoor living environment.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design

At Custom Outdoor Living of Southern Nevada, we specialize in professional outdoor kitchen design & construction. From traditional layout configurations to custom solutions designed to specification, we're here to help you transform your backyard into an outdoor living space.

We invite you to explore some of the general outdoor kitchen layout configurations we're able to build. You're in no way limited to these layouts. These island configurations are here to demonstrate the possibilities that are available to you. We recommend scheduling an on-site consultation with a Custom Outdoor Living professional before committing to any particular configuration. We'll assist you in determining a complimentary layout for your unique outdoor living space.

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Custom Patio Systems

If you're not interested in piecing together multiple contractors for your patio and outdoor kitchen project, you've come to the right place! At Custom Outdoor Living, our professional designers will plan, design, layout, and construct the ultimate outdoor living space. Custom Outdoor Living ensures that the final patio & outdoor kitchen design is cohesive and blends seamlessly with your existing home environment.

Are You Ready to Grill Like a BBQ Pitmaster?

When it comes to professional outdoor kitchen components, Custom Outdoor Living is your local source for the goods! Our experience within the outdoor living industry is yours, and we'll help you find a professional range of outdoor kitchen components that fit your budget. We can assure you that our selection of professional outdoor components isn't your standard big-box-store level of product. We cater to professional Chefs, BBQ Pitmasters, and homeowners who want to grill like the professionals — grilling as a pro starts with at the grill.

Let's Grill Something!

Outdoor Private Paradise: What would you choose?

Outdoor Living Design, Outdoor Kitchen Planning, Lifestyle

Outdoor Living Done the Right Way - Custom Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living: Can you think of a few ideas for your outdoor living space?

Outdoor Kitchen Design, Outdoor Living Space

Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Living Area Design Contractor of Las Vegas, Nevada

Custom Designs: Outdoor Living Area 3D CAD Design

Outdoor Living, CAD Design, Outdoor Living Space

Custom Outdoor Living 3D CAD Design Service - See Your Outdoor Living Space Before We Start to Build

Custom Outdoor Kitchens: We specialize in outdoor living design and construction

Outdoor Living Area Design, CAD Design, Outdoor Living Contractor

Beautiful Outdoor Living Areas by Custom Outdoor Living of Las Vegas, Nevada

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space: Custom Outdoor Living is your outdoor living expert! Upgrade today!

Outdoor Kitchen Designer, Las Vegas, Southern Nevada, Licensed Contractor

Custom Outdoor Living Designs and Builds Patio Covers Too!

Patio Cover Design: Your space isn't complete until you've added some shade, we build those too!

Outdoor Patio Covers,Patio Cover Design, Licensed Contractor, High-End Patio Covers

Custom Outdoor Living Design Service of Southern Nevada

Outdoor Living Design: We're Southern, Nevada's outdoor living expert, schedule a consult today!

Outdoor Kitchen Consultation, Southern Nevada, Licensed Contractor, Outdoor Living Area

Custom Fire Features, Fire Pits, and Outdoor Fireplaces

Custom Fire Features: Need a custom fire feature for your outdoor living space?

Outdoor Kitchen Consultation, Fire Features, Fire Pits, Outdoor Fireplaces

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Southern Nevada's Outdoor Kitchen Contracting Professional - Custom Outdoor Living

Custom Outdoor Living is Southern Nevada's outdoor kitchen & outdoor living professional. We have the specialized experience required to transform your dirt patch of a backyard into the ultimate stay-cation destination! From the custom barbecue island design to the patio cover above it, Custom Outdoor Living is your source for the complete build. Unlike the competition in every way! We are a licensed and bonded outdoor living contractor that serves the greater Southern Nevada area.

Location Address

Custom Outdoor Living

5525 S Valley View Blvd #7

Las Vegas, NV 89118

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