A fire pit with blue glass rocks on top of it.


Custom Fire Pits – Flame Taming is Our Specialty

Here at Custom Outdoor Living, we’ve tamed the flame with custom fire pits. One of humanity’s oldest allies, and although it’s no longer as crucial to our day-to-day survival, we still understand and recognize the importance of this natural element. A fire pit by Custom Outdoor Living can act as the perfect focal point for your outdoor living space. A custom fire pit or fire feature creates an area where family and friends can congregate to share stories while enjoying each other’s company.

We offer comprehensive assistance for individuals seeking pre-built or customized fire pits and other fire features. With our expertise and dedication, we are poised to create tailored solutions that perfectly suit your outdoor space. Your custom fire pit’s design aesthetic and functionality will depend on how it serves your overall outdoor living space. Some things to consider are whether the fire pit will act as a focal point or will it be an additional feature alongside other features? Take advantage of our professional services by contacting us today. Our team is well-equipped to address all inquiries related to fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and various other outdoor fire elements.

Custom Outdoor Living will help you choose the right fit for your space. We recommend scheduling an on-site design consultation with us to survey your area.


Pre-Built and Custom Fire Pits

For now, we invite you to explore a few of the traditional fire pit designs that we build here at Custom Outdoor Living of Las Vegas, Nevada.


Fire Glass & Fire Feature Components