Custom Outdoor Kitchen Layout – Feature Selection

There’s no shortage of customization’s you can add to your outdoor kitchen & living area. We’ll try to keep this list simple, but in all actuality, Custom Outdoor Living can do just about anything you can imagine. If you can dream it, we can build it! With that said, after you’ve scheduled an on-site design consultation, our professionals will come out to your residence and survey your outdoor space. We’ll take measurements, and assess the environment, making sure you have the required utility lines such as gas and water, along with accessible electrical for all those components that might need electricity. Which utilities you’ll need is dependent on the outdoor kitchen functionality and components you choose to include. If you don’t have the utility lines we need, we’ll develop our plans to include running any that are needed.

Barbecue Grill & Component Selection – “In the Zone”

Now for the fun part of the design process, selecting the grill & components for your custom outdoor kitchen. We’ll give you an overview of the process. The Barbecue Grill and the components you choose will determine the functionality of your outdoor kitchen, and the only limitations are physical space and budget for the project. A great way to think about how your kitchen will layout is in zones. You’ll have a “Hot Zone,” “Cool Zone,” “Wet Zone,” and a “Dry Zone.” An example layout of zone division seen in the included image.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Construction Tips - Hot, Cold, Dry, and Wet Zone Division Planning

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Construction Tips – Hot, Cold, Dry, and Wet Zone Division Planning

The graphic displayed above shows a zone divided outdoor kitchen. How you layout your kitchen is up to you. But keep in mind, a refrigerator or icebox placed right next to the grill will be seriously working over-time. Just keep the zone division concept in mind when laying out components, or when in doubt, ask your Custom Outdoor Living design consultant. The zone division method is just one way of laying out the components within your outdoor kitchen.