Luxurious Outdoor Cooking Experiences

Exceptional quality, incredible value, and personal service are the top three things Summerset Grills focuses on providing its customers. As the outdoor kitchen trend continues to grow, Summerset has continually delivered dependable, reliable products for every budget. From their complete line of BBQ island accessories to their professional stainless grills and even their outdoor oven, Summerset offers a range of products to build the ultimate outdoor living experience. You can do it all with Summerset. Appetizers, entrées, and deserts!

Summerset Professional Grills aim to meet every outdoor living expression by offering a wide range of products such as grills, refrigeration, sinks, accessories, and more. At Summerset, their goal is to ensure you have everything you need to create your ideal outdoor living atmosphere. No matter the style or budget, Summerset will deliver an experience that will help create the ultimate backyard getaway.
Summerset Professional Grills offers a complete line of commercial-grade stainless steel barbecue grills. They manufacture professional grills that are sleek looking and easy to use. Whether you’re looking for a simple, clean, entry-level grill like the Summerset Sizzler or a heavy-duty grill that supports charcoal, lump coal, and wood chunks like the AMG, or something in between—we have it all.

Custom Outdoor Living of Las Vegas, Nevada, is your premier source for Summerset and AMG. We carry these professional grills because they are a tried and true favorite when it comes to aesthetics, price-point, and high-quality functionality. They maintain the qualities we look for when deciding whether or not to carry a line of outdoor living products. Plus, Summerset has been a well-known manufacturer of professional barbecue grills and components for many years now. So, later on down the road, when our customers need a particular part for their aging grill, we’re confident that Summerset will be around to provide it to us.



Our grills facilitate outdoor living by providing functional and innovative feature sets, such as rotisserie spit holders, built-in drip trays to keep your area clean and safe, and double-lined hoods for durability and maximum heat retention.


Whether it is fuel choice, built-in or freestanding, size (sleek 26″ up to massive 54″), or total BTUs (from 36,000 to176,000), our grills offer the versatility to maximize every outdoor space. Providing a variety of cooking methods (gas, solid fuels, rotisserie, and infrared) gives you the creative freedom you deserve.

Burner Types

Bringing quality and maximum horsepower together, our grill lines come equipped with either Stainless Steel Tube and U-Tube Burners, Cast Stainless Burners, or the ultimate CastRed Brass Burners.

Lighting Features

Proper lighting creates drama, style, and function. LED Front Panel Lighting fetches eye-catching flair, while Interior Halogen Lighting provides needed illumination for grilling regardless of the time of day.

Stainless Steel Construction

Summerset grills are made to weather the elements allowing them to remain the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen. All Summerset grills and accessories feature high-quality stainless steel, providing durability and are backed by the Summerset Lifetime Warranty.