American Muscle Grill

A grill with two different grills in the background.

Fierce Power, Drive, & the Spirit of American Muscle Grills by Summerset

American Muscle Grills or AMG is manufactured in the USA by Summerset Grills and is the first grill line to mesh a love of muscle cars with modern outdoor grilling. What makes AMG different from other grill manufacturers is, well, a lot. The first thing that begs attention is the overall aesthetic and theme of this professional barbecue grill line. The design theme revolves around American muscle cars, and we believe they knocked it out of the park on this aspect. Even people that aren’t crazy about muscle cars will be able to appreciate the look and feel of these beautiful grills. Summerset did a great job of capturing the aesthetic of the classic muscle car look and feel. The second noteworthy features are functionality where the fuel source is concerned. AMG’s marketing slogan is “Burn it all.” The AMG professional barbecue grill line can consume any traditional fuel source, designed to be a multi-fuel chameleon!We’ll get a bit more in-depth below about this reasonably new professional grill line by Summerset Grills.

Burn it All

Charcoal, lump charcoal, wood chunks, natural gas, liquid propane – all of it! With the American Muscle Grill (AMG), get the flexibility of a multi-fuel chameleon with the raw power of a champion that outclasses any of its single-fuel challengers. With its creative Multi-Fuel Tray System, grilling with any combination of solid fuels places innovation in the chef’s hands. Offering a robust 110,000 BTUs of grilling horsepower, take advantage of the convenience of gas or simply use it to ignite those solid fuels in seconds. The AMG is the top performer in any class; the only question left is how big: 36 or 54 inches?

AMG – AMerican Muscle Grill Products

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