Compact Linear Outdoor Kitchen Layout – Custom Outdoor Living of Las Vegas, Nevada

The compact linear outdoor kitchen configuration is perfect for tight spaces and smaller backyard areas. Anyone living here in Las Vegas is sure to of seen a few starter homes with limited backyard space. Well, Custom Outdoor Living has a solution for that situation. A compact linear outdoor kitchen layout would usually start at no less than 4ft where length is concerned. A 4ft outdoor kitchen can still fit a single 32″ professional grill, or even a 26″ grill and a single side-burner, you’ll also be able to install a double or single drawer directly underneath the grill. Keep in mind that here at Custom Outdoor Living, we’re able to build your custom outdoor kitchen up to any length you need.

The Spartans were not big on amenities, and this compact outdoor kitchen layout is perfect for the minimalists, or if you currently don’t have the outdoor living space for anything else. With this mini linear outdoor kitchen, you’re able to enjoy the benefits of a professional barbecue grill, without any of the support components such as a refrigerator, side burner, power burner, or any of the other products we sell at Custom Outdoor Living. The compact island does require a front or flanking access door, though. The door/s enables you to gain access to the undercarriage of the grill as well as the gas valve or vital component area.

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