The Smaller Lazy-L Outdoor Kitchen Design

Take advantage of all the benefits of building a Lazy-L outdoor kitchen, all in an affordable and compact size. If you’re interested in building an outdoor kitchen, give us a call today to schedule an on-site design consultation.

The Compact Lazy-L Outdoor Island Layout is a viable alternative to the large Lazy-L layout configuration. If you’re working with limited space or a limited budget, you’ll be able to receive the benefits of constructing a more open and accessible option with a smaller Lazy-L Outdoor Kitchen Layout, while taking advantage of its compact size or smaller footprint. That’s one thing about the Lazy-L outdoor kitchen design, the barbecue grill and any other components you may want to install will just seem more accessible when compared to a layout such as the 90° or traditional L-shape kitchen. The standard L-shape outdoor kitchen configuration does have its own set of pros and cons though. View the closely related outdoor kitchen designs such as the traditional L-Shape or Symmetrical L-Shaped layout to understand and learn more about your options.

Outdoor Kitchen Consultation by A Professional Contractor

When it concerns your custom outdoor kitchen layout, there are many variables you’ll have to take into consideration before selecting a design. Topics you’ll want to consider are space, the existing architectural environment & structures, as well as the location of your utilities such as gas, water, and electrical. We recommend calling us to schedule an on-site outdoor kitchen design consultation. Our outdoor living experts will help you understand the factors that are involved in building a custom outdoor kitchen & outdoor living space.