The Outdoor Kitchen Loophole, and Your Investment

The Outdoor Kitchen Loophole, and Your Investment

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Understanding the Outdoor Kitchen Loophole

Well, at least “The Outdoor Kitchen Loophole” is what we’re calling it. We’ll see if it sticks! In all actuality, though, this is a topic that every homeowner should understand. It’s the difference between designing and constructing an outdoor kitchen & living area and purchasing patio furniture. We can assure you that the Barbecue Stores, will not be offering this information when you stop into their showroom.

Understanding Your Outdoor Kitchen Investment - The Barbecue Grill Store Loophole

Understanding Your Outdoor Kitchen Investment – The Barbecue Grill Store Loophole

Most states have construction regulations for a reason, and it’s to ensure that construction gets done correctly and adheres to a required standard of quality. Shoddy work can be dangerous, especially when entering the realm of Natural Gas and the open flame used within grills, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces. As a Licensed & Bonded contractor, Custom Outdoor Living always recommends following the local Building Code in your area, pulling the proper permits, and maintaining appropriate records of the construction process and overall outdoor living area addition. You’ll thank us when it comes to your next home appraisal. That brings us to the outdoor kitchen loophole. The reason homeowners don’t have to pull permits for their “Store-bought Outdoor Kitchen” is that it’s considered patio furniture.

The purchase from a barbecue grill store is comparable to a freestanding outdoor grill (or a lawn chair). Also, did you want the kitchen attached to the foundation? Please don’t count on it; you’ll be lucky to get it shimmed to stop it from wobbling off your patio deck, seriously! Now, the term “Outdoor Kitchen Loophole” makes sense, right. At Custom Outdoor Living, we only know how to do it one way, and that’s the right way! So, if you don’t want your new outdoor kitchen addition to considered to be in the same category as a lawn chair, we invite you to give us a call to schedule an on-site outdoor living consultation. We are a specialty contractor, and we specialize in outdoor kitchen & outdoor living area design & construction service here in the Southern, Nevada region. We’re confident that we can deliver the ultimate outdoor living environment you’ve always imagined owning. We’ll make sure the project is considered an addition to your home and investment when it concerns your next home appraisal.

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