Patio Cover Design & Planning Introduction

Patio Cover Design & Planning Introduction

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Struxure Automated Patio Cover Louvers – Available at Custom Outdoor Living of Las Vegas, Nevada

Patio Cover Design & Planning

At Custom Outdoor Living, we believe that your outdoor living area is an extension of your home and should look seamless when it concerns both the design and construction of the new outdoor living addition. It should look like it was built simultaneously with your home; it should never appear to be an afterthought.

If you’re interested in an outdoor living area design with your home’s existing architecture in mind, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll be discussing the different types of Patio Cover designs, and we’ll talk about some of the contemporary patio cover styles that you can choose from when you hire the seasoned professionals of Custom Outdoor Living of Southern Nevada. We invite you to prequalify us if needed; you’re more than welcome to stop by our Online Patio Cover Portfolio. Because when it comes to outdoor living area design & construction, there’s no other contractor quite like Custom Outdoor Living, and we can’t wait to design and construct your integrated custom patio cover project!

Are you interested in seeing some of the past patio cover design projects from Custom Outdoor Living? Stupendous, head on over to our Patio Cover Project Portfolio page now! Then, if you like what you see, we would be more than happy to provide you with a free on-site (at your home) outdoor living design consultation. Feel free to give us a call, or you can also fill out the form located at the bottom of this article.

Patio Cover Design Overview – Planning

A comprehensive Patio Cover design will allow both the contractor and the homeowner to work out the project specifications. This process is organic and fluid, where “Changes will be made.” From the aesthetic to the functional, it’s the place where every good contractor starts. Planning sets clearly defined goals for the project. More importantly, it enables us to anticipate any potential issues that might occur, rather than having those problems unfold during the construction of your patio cover, we prefer to have them worked out through design specifications. Plus, we’re sure you want to see the concept and proposed patio cover design. 

Custom Patio Cover Design Configuration

An excellent place to start brainstorming and planning your ultimate patio cover design is the configuration. Will the new patio cover system attach to your home? Or, will it be a freestanding configuration? Regardless of whether it will remain independent of your home or you decide to integrate it into your existing home architecture, you will need a foundation for your patio structure. Standard patio covers are defined as a one-story structure that gets used for recreation or outdoor living purposes. Not to be confused with carports, sheds, garages, or any other habitable room, structurally speaking. We mention this structural definition because permits for the project will need to get pulled.

Patio Cover Styles – You Have Options

Integrated Patio Cover

A patio cover is a backyard shade structure that is physically attached to the structure of your home. Typically, multiple posts or columns bare the weight of the top portion of the patio cover. The top cover portion of a patio cover may have an open (Lattice Cover) or solid roof (traditional roof) configuration, depending on what level of protection you require.


A pergola is an outdoor living feature designed to produce shade from the sun. Utilizing vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice. The origin of the word is the Late Latin pergola, referring to a projecting eave. At Custom Outdoor Living, we design and build our fair share of lattice patio cover systems. Aeration and ventilation are a must-have when you construct outdoor kitchens underneath patio covers. 

Aluminum Lattice Patio Covers

Lattice patio covers are custom-fitted and can be designed to fit just about any size outdoor living area. Lattice patio covers are ideal for smaller or larger size spaces. Constructed using heavy header beams for the ultimate stability and safety of the structure. We’ve included a color-coded break-down of the lattice patio cover design, and it’s significant components here in the article. All in all, the lattice design won’t eliminate all sunshine and allows a cool breeze to flow through as ventilation on hot summer days.

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The Anatomy of an Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover – Custom Outdoor Living of Las Vegas, Nevada

Insulated Patio Cover

Insulated patio cover designs drastically reduce the sound of the wind, rain, and hail. The insulated cover is excellent for soundproofing against the elements. Should you happen to be lounging underneath it during a storm, or even likelier, sleeping in a room located near the patio cover structure, the insulated patio cover design will reduce the noise and make owning the cover that much more enjoyable. The insulated patio cover system can also hide electrical wiring and can be run internally within the walls. The aesthetic variations in finish, columns, materials, as well as color, are immense.

Material Choices

Integrated - An integrated look will often match your home’s existing finish, which is commonly stucco here in the Las Vegas valley. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that our name is Custom Outdoor Living, and we can design your patio cover to have a custom finish.

Aluminum – If you prefer a low-maintenance option, aluminum provides it. Aluminum is known for its weather-resistance as well as its durability. It also has the added benefit of enabling the installation of a faux-finishes to its exterior.

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4K Aluminum Pergo-Soleil Panel Design Sample – Custom Outdoor Living of Las Vegas, Nevada

4K Aluminum Pergo-Soleil Artistic Panels - 

Here at Custom Outdoor Living, we source only the highest quality construction materials for the patio covers we design. One of those superior products is 4K Aluminum’s Pergo-Soleil Artistic Panels. The Soleil panels are perfect for both modernizing as well as customizing your patio cover design. Pergo-Soleil decorative panels allow airflow as well as natural sunlight to pass through. There are many benefits to having natural light and air pass-through your patio cover system, primarily when an outdoor kitchen gets constructed below the patio cover. Plus, the whole point of being outside is to “be outside,” right! Well, the Pergo-Soleil panels will let just the right ratio of sun to shade through to your outdoor living area. 4K Aluminum’s Pergo-Soleil panels are available for integration into all Custom Outdoor Living patio cover/pergola designs.

We’ve included sample design patterns of all the available Pergo-Soleil panels by 4K Aluminum. If you like a panel design, we can integrate into your custom patio cover design by Custom Outdoor Living.

4K Pergolaâ„¢ Systems, integrated with 4K Pergo-Soleilâ„¢ Panels, are engineered to provide the exceptional structural integrity necessary to withstand extreme conditions such as high winds and heavy snow while remaining maintenance-free for many years. 4K Aluminum Pergo-Soleil panels are aluminum sheet laser cut, and they are available in many unique designs and sizes.

4K Aluminum Pergo Soleil Panel Specifications

  • 4×8 Ft. (.160 thickness)
  • 5×10 Ft. (.160 thickness)

The powder-coated aluminum sheet thickness is .160, and they carry a 20-year warranty.



A picture of the automated louvered roof system.

Struxure Automated Louvered Patio Cover Pergola System – Custom Outdoor Living Las Vegas

Struxure Outdoor – Automated Louvered Roof System

Struxure Outdoor is another superior-quality manufacturer who’s products we frequently use here at Custom Outdoor Living of Las Vegas. Struxure Outdoor is our supplier for all our automated louver applications. We can’t say enough about Struxure Outdoor and the system they manufacture. So, if you’re interested in having automated control over your patio system, we can incorporate that into your custom patio cover design too.

Well, that concludes the Introduction to Patio Cover Design brought to you by Custom Outdoor Living. This article is only an overview and designed to give you a basic understanding of a few Patio Cover topics. The only thing left to do now is call (702) 614-7650 to schedule an on-site outdoor living consultation, you can also fill out the short form below, and we’ll contact you. Thanks again!



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