Why Choose Custom Outdoor Living of Southern Nevada?

Why Choose Custom Outdoor Living of Southern Nevada?

A patio with an outdoor fireplace and television.

Custom Outdoor Living Provides A Comprehensive Solution!

Outdoor Patio Covers, Outdoor Kitchens, Barbecue Grills & Components, oh my! That’s correct. Custom Outdoor Living is an authorized retailer of some of the hottest barbecue grills and components on the market as well. We are, per se, a custom outdoor living contractor with benefits!

There’s no need to hire multiple companies to construct your outdoor living area. Custom Outdoor Living is a Licensed and Bonded contractor. We’re able to handle your project from concept to completion. Plus, we guarantee that your project will blend with your home’s existing environment. Our outdoor living products will never look like someone built it off-site, then craned it in, and called it good.

Your outdoor living environment is one of the focal points of your home, never an after-thought. That’s something we’ve been trying to teach to the “Big Box” Outdoor Kitchen stores for over a decade now! So, all in all. if you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen contractor that can turn your home’s backyard into something extraordinary, just fill out the information request form below.

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Our new eCommerce website enables you to purchase professional barbecue grills and outdoor kitchen components with ease. Visit our official Custom Outdoor Living eCommerce website at http://bbqsandmorestore.com.

We can’t wait to exceed your every expectation from an #OutdoorKitchen & #OutdoorLivingContractor.

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