Coyote Outdoor Living Pellet Grills

Coyote Outdoor Living Pellet Grills

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The Coyote Outdoor Living Pellet Grill – Built-in or Freestanding

To build-in or not to build-in your pellet grills, that is the question?

That’s the question you’ll be asking yourself when you see Coyote’s new premium pellet grills.A Little About Coyote Outdoor LivingCoyote Outdoor Living is the next-generation-type-of grill manufacturer. Coyote manufacturers everything from the traditional LP/NG gas grill to their latest masterpiece series of Pellet Grill. They have found the perfect balance between sleek aesthetics and functionally performant grills, and when you add that, plus the fact these professional grills are reasonably priced. You have Coyote Outdoor Living, a match made in BBQ heaven.

We have watched their evolution over the many years Coyote has been in the business of manufacturing grills. One thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that they are on a mission to improve and expand upon their existing line of superior outdoor kitchen products. Coyote already has a massive selection of sleek-looking grills, cooking equipment, and outdoor kitchen accessories to choose from for your custom outdoor kitchen.

The Pellet Grill Comparison

The new Coyote Outdoor Living 304 stainless-steel constructed premium pellet grills are available in both cart or built-in models. It’s truly the next level solution when compared to the product manufacturers such as Traeger, GMG, or any other pellet grill manufacturer within the industry. We are not saying that Traeger or GMG has bad pellet grills, not at all; we are saying that when you want a built-in smoker, you’re going to want a grill that looks stylish as well as performs. Coyote answers the call with their new pellet grill series. 

Size and Configuration

Currently, Coyote Outdoor Living manufactures two sizes, 28″, and then the 36″ pellet grill. They are available in “Built-in” or “Freestanding Cart” versions. The built-in model allows for built-in application within outdoor kitchen cabinetry, and the freestanding model is built-into a freestanding cart that allows for mobility. Either which model you choose, you’ll be purchasing a professional pellet grill that will perform, and it’ll look while it smokes your dinner!

The Coyote Pellet Grill Features

The new pellet grills utilize their Trademarked “Smart Drop” pellet feed and the “Versa-Rack” system that allows for more smoking space. These stylish smokers have a laundry list of features as well.

  • Intuitive digital touch control
  • Dual fan, auger & drip tray
  • Smart dropâ„¢ pellet feed
  • Front-loading pellet hopper
  • Spring-assist hood
  • Double-walled canopy with gasket
  • Versa-Rackâ„¢ for multiple cooking surfaces
  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Interior grill lighting
  • Led light for temperature probes
  • Laser-cut grates
  • Built-in timer & wind guard
  • Three food temperature probes included
  • Electric power ignition (120V; 5A; 60HZ)
  • Individual smoke & sear grate included
  • Hopper capacity of 15 lbs
  • Temperature range of 175°F – 700°F

Product Options & Accessories

  • Cover available (sold separately – Model No: CCVR36P-BI)
  • Insulated jacket (CJAKTC1P36)


  • Cutout: 16-1/2″ (H) x 34-1/4″ (W) x 23″ (D)
  • Overall: 31″ (H) x 36″ (W) x 27″ (D)

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