Mason-Lite has been a premier provider of lightweight masonry fireplaces since 2005. The company provides a selection of masonry fireplaces, which cost up to 50% less than hand-built masonry fireplace alternatives. Thanks to their lightweight designs, Mason-Lite fireplaces give builders additional fireplace options to their home-buying customers and let consumers add attractive fireplaces to upper floors or outdoor areas.

Modular Outdoor Fireplaces

Mason-Lite offers a selection of modular outdoor fireplaces. With these modular outdoor fireplaces, homeowners can create an outdoor living space with a fireplace as the focal point. Typically, these fireplaces include several components for on-site assembly to create the fireplace surround. Kits often include two vertical legs, which form the base for a horizontal lintel, also known as a headstone or frieze.

Masonry Fireplaces Compared to Metal Fireplaces

Mason-Lite specializes in offering masonry fireplaces, which come in cost-effective kits to make having one or more fireplaces in a dwelling an affordable option for homeowners. Some homeowners may consider installing metal fireplaces as a cost-saving alternative but should know that metal fireplaces are often lower quality than masonry fireplaces. As a result, choosing a masonry option from Mason-Lite is a far superior option.